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Nestled amidst the formidable Himalayan terrain, the Spiti Valley Circuit Bike Trip 2023 promises an exhilarating escapade for avid bikers. As you embark on this epic journey, the first step is securing the perfect set of wheels. In Shimla, options for Bike on rent are abundant, catering to diverse preferences and riding styles. When it comes to choosing your trusty steed, you'll be spoiled for choice. The types of bikes available range from the rugged Himalayan, ideal for conquering Spiti's challenging terrains, to the timeless charm of the classic models. Adventurous souls might opt for the versatile Xpulse, while cruisers can indulge in the comfort of an Avenger. Seeking a touch of retro flair? The Jawa 42 has you covered. For those captivated by celestial phenomena, the Meteor promises a cosmic ride. Setting off on your Spiti Valley expedition, the landscape oscillates between dramatic gorges and serene villages, offering a symphony of contrasts. As your tires grip the rugged roads, the essence of Spiti Valley's untamed beauty unfolds. Contact us

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The experience with Shivay rental was very beautiful. Smooth transition of hiring and returning of vehicle. The Shivay Rental team was extremely helpful. The bike was well maintained and new. You will have to pay a nominal deposit with rent during hire. Best bike on rent service in shimla I would totally recommend this place for bike on Rent in shimla.


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Bike on rent in shimla

Bike on Rent in Shimla

  • Your search for bike rent in Shimla, bike on rent in Shimla ends here. ShivayRental, based in Shimla has been providing the best service in the monthly bike rental domain. It is now expanding to Shimla to answer all you bike on rent in Shimla, bike rent in Shimla queries. The beautiful city of Shimla will now become more accessible to exploration with bikes on rent here. With an extensive range of bikes available for all requirements, ShivayRental is committed to maximum customer satisfaction. You’ll get a range of different vehicles to choose from in our portfolio. 
  • ShivayRentals has Royal Enfields, scooters, commuter bikes, and sports bikes too. Take your pick according to your needs. You’ll get options for long distance travel outside the city as well as short distance travel within the city.
  •  ShivayRental provides an amazing range of options for bike on rent in Shimla, bike rent in Shimla: monthly bike rental, immediate bike booking, and other flexible renting options. you can also find us on google 


  • Rent  Bikes From us to get the best experience

Monthly bike rental, bike on rent in Shimlabike rent in Shimla is extremely affordable and an efficient smart choice for daily commute in the city. In Shimla, the “which is the bike rental near me” query would lead you straight to ShivayRental.

 It would connect you to the dealers of ShivayRental providing the best bikes on rent in Shimla. These dealers are extremely friendly and can recommend the best bike to rent according to your needs! Renting a bike from ShivayRental is extremely easy and convenient for you.

 Affordable prices, no hard documentation requirement, unmatched customer service, and 24X7 servicing makes ShivayRental a pioneer in its domain. ShivayRental has customer service executives available around the clock to help you out with any form of query or issue that you’re facing while renting a bike from the website.

Who should rent our bikes?

Monthly bike rental would enable its users to test out the service over a reliable period of time. Not only would it be easy on the pocket but it would also make the daily commute hassle-free and consequently save the customer both time and money. 

If you’re someone who’s looking to take a trip, looking to commute to office and are staying for a limited period of time, outstation students, and everyone else with short term needs should get a bike on rent. 

This is a far more affordable option than buying a bike. At a fraction of the cost you get the full experience of the bike. What’s more is that you can choose any bike you want.

The days of owning a vehicle are long gone. The new era of booking on the go and renting is here. And it is here to stay. Bike on rent in Shimla, bike rent in Shimla are the new age buzzwords.

 Test the taste of these new times alongside ShivayRental, a startup created with the vision of making transportation hassle-free, affordable and efficient. With ShivayRental expanding to multiple cities across the country, simply search for bike rental near me to find the nearest ShivayRental hub.

Shivay Rental


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Duration:24 Hours

Additional Information to Rent A bike in shimla:

Pickup time & Drop time: Anytime 8 AM to 8 PM

Pick up and Drop Point: Shivay Rental Near lakkar Bazar Bus Stand  Shimla-171001

Shimla is that the ideal place to enjoy your holiday on Rent a Motorcycle. Be it in city riding experience or riding on the narrow mountain roads, Shimla has it all. So, book the simplest option from Motorbike on rent From Shivay Rental. And also have a hassle-free experience by planning your own itinerary to enjoy shimla on wheels.

When an individual rides around 15Km from the town centre it’s of no amaze that there’ll be the views of the snow-capped mountains in winters, deep valleys in clear weather, natural springs, and crystal clear water rivers.

There are numerous places to explore and it’s famous for its Heritage and British Architecture. Get to glide through the town all by yourself along side the scenic backdrop.

One can mount one among these super-efficient, well-equipped motorcycles and take a little tour of this picturesque town. The Shivay rental in Shimla package has multiple bikes and Scooties options available to settle on from.

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Shimla is a paradise for both nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. And if you’re looking to embrace the scenic beauty and vibrant culture of this Queen of Hills, there’s no better way to do it than by opting for Shimla Bike rental services.

The Charm of Shimla Bike Rentals

Shimla’s undulating terrain, winding roads, and the promise of hidden treasures make it a haven for bikers. Whether you’re a solo traveler or part of a group, renting a bike in Shimla can elevate your travel experience to new heights.

An Array of Options: From Scooties to Motorcycles

When it comes to Bike on rent in Shimla, you’re spoiled for choice. If you prefer a smooth and effortless ride through the town’s bustling markets and narrow lanes, consider scooty on rent in Shimla. These nifty two-wheelers provide convenience without compromising on the thrill.

For the adventure enthusiasts, Shimla offers a range of motorcycles to choose from. The rugged Himalayan is perfect for conquering the challenging terrains of the region. If you’re captivated by classic models, the Jawa 42 and Meteor beckon with their timeless charm.

The Freedom to Roam

Once you’ve secured your chosen ride, Shimla unveils itself like a treasure trove. Explore pine-covered hills, stop by quaint villages, and discover hidden gems that often escape conventional tourists. The freedom to set your own pace, to stop wherever you desire, and to immerse yourself in the local culture is a luxury that Bike on rent in Shimla affords.

Safety and Responsibility

While the allure of the open road beckons, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Wear the necessary protective gear, obey traffic rules, and acquaint yourself with the bike’s controls. For those not confident in their riding skills, hiring a local guide can ensure a secure and enjoyable journey.

In Conclusion

Shimla, with its natural beauty and rich heritage, is a destination that deserves to be explored thoroughly. And what better way to do it than on two wheels? Shimla Bike rental services offer the perfect blend of adventure and freedom, promising a travel experience that will linger in your memory long after you’ve left the hills behind. So, the next time you find yourself in Shimla, don’t miss the chance to embark on a two-wheeled adventure – it’s the key to unlocking the hidden treasures of this Himalayan jewel.


  • Frequently Asked Questions (Shimla Bike Rentals | Shivay Rental FAQs)

Q   How do I know my booking has been confirmed?

  1. Once your booking has been confirmed you will be updated with all the details through a text message! It will contain your booking time, cost, pickup details, etc.
  1.     How many kilometers can I ride my bike for?
  1. Every individual dealer has their own set of terms and conditions. It may or may not include this dimension and some may allow you to ride for unlimited kilometers.
  1.       What is the penalty for dropping my bike off after due time?
  2. If you drop off the bike very late, a penalty might be charged due to the inconvenience you may have caused to the dealer and the next customer. Additionally, if you plan to extend your trip, you can call the dealer.
  1.        What’s the speed limit of bikes?
  2. Each state has a different speed limit. So we recommend you check these guidelines out.
  2.     The pick-up and drop timings for bike rentals in Shimla. from 8 A.M within the morning to 8 P.M within the evening. The person can choose the devour also because the drop off time. Supported their convenience and plans for visiting specific spots in and round the city.
  1.   Which are the places I can visit in Shimla on a bike?
  2.  There are variety of tourist attractions also as viewpoints and eateries in and around Shimla. The Places may be easily visited by a motorcycle. Moreover, traveling on a motorcycle is one among the foremost convenient. Also as enjoyable modes of transportation within the beautiful hills of Shimla. Below mentioned are the foremost popular spots which you’ll decide to visit on a bike:

Christ Church
– Scandal Point
– Jakhu Hill
– The Ridge
– The Gaiety Theatre
– Mall Road
– The Bandstand